Terms and Conditions

Catalog Homes Pricing

Each set of Catalog Architectural plans includes: (4 sets of prints or a .pdf per pricing noted below)
Foundation plan (1/4” = 1′-0”) including details
Floor plan (1/4” = 1′-0”) with door/window schedule, important interior details
Front, rear, and side elevations and roof plan, wall section(s)
Electrical plan
This is a single license one-time use set that is valid for one year from date of purchase.  Please note fees for printing and shipping below.
(Buy this set if you wish to use your own engineer)


Price: Single Family House-Single License:

Up to 2499 $900.00 

2499-3499: $1050.00

3500 and over: $1200.00

Garage / Cabana-Single License: $250.00

Duplex-Single License: $1,200.00

Contact us for our non-published collection of higher-end home plans starting around 4500 sf.  Each is unique, and able to be customized.  You get the benefit of a grand detailed house, without the wait of starting from scratch.

Single Use License: $1.00/sf under roof

Each set of Structural Engineering plans adds: (the same 4 sets signed and sealed bond or an encrypted .pdf)
Locations of filled cells in block walls.
Structural plan and details to meet your wind borne debris area.
A set of instructions to complete your permit package.
Review of your truss drawings by the structural engineer only for comparison to anticipated load bearing conditions initially anticipated.

You must purchase the architectural sets to receive the structural sets. Any deviation from our standard structural specs (see below) and major size changes may be subject to additional fees, including non-standard plan requirements by building departments, some foundation types, flood and wind zones. Product Approvals are not included and should be provided by the Builder. Seal is valid for one year from date of signature, subject to any code changes.  Structural Engineer is an independent third party and is considered the Engineer of Record per FL statutes.

1 Story single family: $550.00
2 Story single family: $700.00

1 Story duplex: $1100.00

2 Story duplex: $1400.00

Garage or cabana: $500.00

Over 4,500 square feet A/C or unpublished plan: engineering fee is $.50/sf under roof

Reseal of Exact same plan: $200.00 

Custom Home Design

Plansource can create any custom home design for your situation.  Contact our office to discuss your dream home, and we can make it a reality.  Prices are based upon complexity of the design.

Study Set
.pdf of floor plan, elevations and electrical sheets with a watermark.  It provides sizes, dimensions, and other plan attributes to be able create an accurate price as well as see how the house is designed in greater detail.

Fee: $50.00

Brochure Artwork 
11”x17” color elevation and black and white floor plan in PDF format.
Customization of the artwork is also available and priced per job. Artwork cannot be created by any other entity without the express written consent of Plansource, Inc. Artwork that is sold prior to sale plans is subject to the ultimate purchase of those plans. We also provide photo-realistic artwork at an additional cost.  Contact our office for further details.
Fee: $150.00

Please click here to view samples of our marketing materials and artwork.

All houses designed in this catalog are designed with 8” thick exterior concrete block walls, wood frame interior walls, trussed roof (typically 6:12 slope for main spans), asphalt shingle roofing material, and pre-cast concrete lintels. Foundation type is noted with each plan. Plan number equals the air-conditioned square foot area. Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly in the field. The specifications can be changed by utilizing our customization services (listed below). A 2-story house is defined as a house having a staircase and any amount of usable upper floor area. We do not provide product specifications, and if required to be part of the documents (reviewed by structural engineer), additional fees will apply.

CD-ROM with Unlimited License
You are able to purchase a CD-ROM (.dwg format) of all architectural drawings that make up a set of plans. This purchase also allows you to build the same plan as many times as you wish. Plansource, Inc. is relieved of all liability for the use of those plans. Plansource does retain all copyright ownership of the plan and all derivative works Plansource creates. Engineering, printing and shipping is not included and is an additional service. You can not upgrade a one time license to an unlimited license. They must be purchased separately.

Single Family: $1,800.00

Duplex: $2,500.00

Customization Services
Plansource offers customization services for all catalog plans. This includes plan and elevation changes, adding new elevations, and changing specifications. Simply contact us via phone 813-714-3222 or through our website to discuss your needs. The price is determined by the extent of the changes to the documents, and you will be quoted an estimate prior to starting.

Full Service Design for Builders
Plansource is also a full service design firm that specializes in the creation of unique plans for the home building industry. There is a contractual agreement that outlines services, terms, and fee structure. Contact our office for further details.

Mirrored/Reverse Sets
You can order sets of each house that is the exact mirror image of that shown in the catalog.  Fee does not apply if part of a list of custom changes when ordered.

Fee: $100.00

Square Footage Calculations
Calculations are made from the outside of the exterior block wall and do not include lanais, porches, garages, attics, and two story or vaulted areas. Stairs are counted once. Room dimensions are measured inside to inside and are approximate.

Shipping and handling is a $30 fee for second day delivery. The included (4) printed sets are subject to an additional $75 fee for architectural sets and $150 fee for architectural/engineering sets.  Encrypted .pdf permit sets have no extra fees.  Please allow up to ten business days to receive your standard plans. If you have ordered customization or engineering services, an approximate delivery date will be given at the time of ordering those services.  We accept checks and credit cards with a 2.9% fee added.

Building Codes
Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of the current Florida Building Code at time of order, but because of varying interpretations and the fact that codes can change, we cannot warrant the plan’s compliance with any of the specific building codes and ordinances. Plansource, Inc., suggests that the plans be reviewed by a local architect or engineer (unless we have provided those services) to ensure that it complies with all applicable building codes, and other restrictions. Plansource, Inc. and/or its professional partners will address any comments by your building jurisdiction on only those items provided by Plansource, Inc. We do not reimburse any re-submittal fees. Some changes and material substitutions may be necessary if your plans are to meet local requirements. However, Plansource, Inc. cannot be responsible for any changes to the documents by others. Any discrepancies must be reported immediately to Plansource, Inc. Liability is limited to the cost of the documents.

The purchase of a set of home plans in no way transfers any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited license to use that one set of home plans for the construction of one, and only one, dwelling unit only to the original purchaser.  That purchaser has no authority or rights to transfer the plans and/or license to anyone else for any reason without permission of the copyright holder, even in conjunction with a parcel of property.  The purchase of our unlimited license, however, does give you the license to build that house as many times as you wish, but still does not convey to the buyer any ownership interest in the plan. Copyright and licensing of home plans for construction exist to protect all parties. It respects and supports the intellectual property of the original designer. Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years, with willful infringement causing settlements for statutory damages up to $150,000.00, all attorney fees, and the profit the builder made on each infringing residence. Due to the nature of the copyright agreement between Plansource, Inc. and the purchaser, no refunds are given once an order is placed, and all catalog fees are due at time of ordering. Plansource maintains all copyrights to all plans and derivative works and aggressively pursues copyright infringement.  A one time license is valid for only one (1) year from date of purchase.  Artwork cannot be created by any other company without the express written consent of Plansource, Inc. All notations and artwork are conceptual and approximate by nature and subject to change without notice. Plansource, Inc. is relieved of all liability for typographical errors in this catalog.  The website contains the most updated terms and conditions. Plansource, Inc. is not responsible for any site conditions that affect the plans that had not been communicated. 

Plansource, Inc. is not a partner in any real estate venture with the client and Plansource, Inc. fees are not at risk and are not subject to any changes in CLIENT’s status of said project. Plansource, Inc. maintains all lien rights as specified in Florida 713 statutes.